Student should not damage the property of Institute of staff, members.

Student should be follow a decent dress code when they come to Institute.

Use of cell phone is strictly prohibited in the class room, corridors or in the laboratory.

Indecent behaviour in any from will not be tolerated.

Disobeying any instructions of any kind issued by head of Institution will be considered as in disiplinary action on the part of the student.

Any kind of ragging in the class, campus or in the bus or even outside the campus is strictly prohibited.

Smoking cigarettes / chewing pan or tobacco or gutkha is strictly prohibited.

No Student shall indulge in any anti social activities causing any hindrance to the academic and administrative activities of Institute.

The Student are expected to be in the classroom / laboratory on time prior to commencement of study.

Student are expected to behave in a responsible manner and abstain from chatting amoung the themselves in the class.

Student are expected to be polite indivitually and show respect to the faculty/staff of the Institute.

During the teaching hours the main lobby, all corridors and area surrounding the library are to be observed as a silent zone.

Every student must carry his/her own identity Card in campus and should be produced when on request.

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